Chiu Yin Hempel

Chiu Yin Hempel is the author of an award-winning trilogy of illustrated books on the architecture, history and landscape of Tuxedo Park, a New York community. She is working on her debut historical novel, Shanghai Tango. Set in 1948-9 Shanghai, when the city was a cauldron of decadence and intrigues. It is a gripping story of Ming, the daughter of a Kuomintang general and her mother, Siu Jing a former prostitute, set against the backdrop of a worn-torn city. Chiu Yin’s publishing career with Macmillan, Pearson Education and The Economist Group had enabled her to live in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York and to travel extensively in China, Africa and Southeast Asia. She now divides her time between Palm Beach and New York.