Todd R. Darling, is an American restaurateur in Hong Kong. He is the founder of a pioneering restaurant company, Red Sauce Hospitality, which owns and operates some of Hong Kong’s most recognized names in hospitality; Frank’s, Fini’s, Posto Pubblico, and Homegrown Foods. He has received numerous awards including Restaurateur of the Year and Food Hero of Hong Kong. The restaurants are often recognized as ‘best’ in their categories, and they have been covered by publications such as The New York Times, South China Morning Post,CNN, Bloomberg, amongst many others. In addition, Darling is a talented photographer and he had documented the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, as well as the ongoing human rights unrest that is unfolding in Hong Kong today. He has won an award from prestigious British Journal of Photography, where his work was featured on the cover. Most recently, he was also awarded he silver medal in the Paris Photo Prize contest. His work has been exhibited in multiple ountries and published in Time magazine and the Guardian amongst many others. Todd also erves as Executive Director of the Hummingfish Foundation, an NGO that establishes ustainable cottage industries in developing countries.